Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Halloween 2012

Woke up early to prepare.
and celebrate halloween @ USS with bf.
second time celebrating @ USS. <3>
Camwhore all the way while waiting for boyfriend to
pick me up (: 


Reached USS, queued and get our tickets.
And we headed for dinner first. All queue was so long.
Ended up at chillis'

First up boyfriend . then me camwhore-d

While queuing up for transformer(:
<3 nbsp="nbsp">

dont he look so cute with the bottle! like big small boy.

after rides, here come photo taking with scary faces.

Really find this guy cute! he got the most easy job among them!

this ballerina was telling me i'm pretty^^
and i was replying thank you.
and gotten that face.
this guys scared me. cause was staring at him for quite sometime.
Wondering if hes real or just a fake toy.
As i was approaching him. he SCARED ME! *tsk* 

after rides & photos. Time for the 2 of us.
if you can take it , then please exit! (: <3 nbsp="nbsp">


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